The first youth organization of St. Basilís Parish was organized for all the young adults of the Parish in the late 50ís.. Originally because all the members were young adults over 18 years old, it was called the A.C.Y.O. or Adult Christian Youth Organization, headed by George Yany. At that time our Melkite Church was under the cumulative jurisdiction of the local Roman Catholic Bishop of Providence. When the Melkite Church became an Eparchy and had itís own Bishop, Bishop Justin Najmy, who happened to be the pastor of St. Basil Church in Central Falls, then the older group gave way to the teen youth 13 Ė 18 year old and renamed it the M.Y.O. under the direction of Fr. Joseph Haggar. Later it became affiliated with the National group called N.A.M.Y. (National Association of Melkite Youth). 

The M.Y.O. was created to provide a common forum for all the young people of St. Basilís Church, and that the Organization initiate, coordinate, and direct religious, social, educational, and humanitarian programs designed to promote the involvement of its membership in the Christian Faith and the Melkite tradition.

The purpose of the Organization:,,,,,,,,, 
* To enjoin upon its membership a complete devotion to the Christian Faith and the Melkite tradition, discipline, and worship. 
* To deepen the spiritual lives of its membership through frequent individual and corporate of the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion.
* To promote friendship among its members.
* To encourage regular church attendance and participation.
* To coordinate and direct MYO activities and programs.
* To promote the activities of the MYO through a well-planned program of public relations.
* To participate actively in a program of Christian fellowship, especially with youth of other Eastern Christian Organizations.
* To develop the physical well-being of its membership through MYO sponsored inter-church athletic activities.
* To promote and sponsor a complete program of parish involvement as a means of developing a fuller spiritual life for all faithful members of St. Basilís Church.

Those wishing to join this group may contact: 
Rev. Archdeacon George Yany, Director of Youth
Telephone: 401-722-0017

Website Link:

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