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The parish Advisory Council of St. Basils's Church advises the Pastor on all matters of Church activities. The Council ByLaws follow those of the Diocese of Newton.

The Council adopted a long term Master Plan for the Parish. In 1986, Goal Setting sessions prioritized the major goals of the Parish. Execution of the Plan resulted in purchase of a new Land in Lincoln, RI in 1989, and building a new Church Complex with Provisional Church, Cultural Center and Kitchen, and dedicated Sunday school in 1998. The result of this plan was that the Church assets increased by 25 times.

Currently the Plan is to expand the cemetery, increase Parish Activities, protect Church Assets, perform a Financial Audit, and plan to build the new Church within the coming 15 years.

The Council consists of 12 elected and appointed members, the Clergy, and the presidents of the Church Organizations. Meeting are held monthly ( 10 meeting a year, except in Summer) and consist of : Follow Up on action items and presentations and discussions of Challenges facing each Church Activity such as Religious Education, MYO, Altar Sodality, Senior Citizens, etc.

All Parishioners are welcome to attend the Meetings.